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Had a very bad experience with Priya.. guys beware of scam. (778***5491) this is her contact! She blocked me right after receiving the money. I paid upfront and she blocked me after that. Please Don’t do business with her. I’ve got screenshots of transaction.
So you sent her an eTransfer BEFORE you saw her?
Hey man. I was reading your review on Paramount club girls. I was wondering if you could give a bit more info on your experience with Mynx, Does she allow touching? (You said for long explanation pm me lol) and also you mentioned Vixen provides services outside club. I'm dying to reach her. Do you know what kind of services she provides?
Go to Vancouver, or wait for visitors to Victoria, but do your research carefully. Genevieve is well worth meeting.
Hi there, I would like to advertise again but I lost access to the email associated with this account and emailed you from a new one. Hopefully this doesn't confuse things too much.
how do you get in touch with the nguyen women? i texted them once and was asked 100 questoins. I am willing to give it another go.
Txt them. Answer what they need and book
i dont have the number do you?