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Yumiko now indy Niko?


Feb 27, 2004
Not had the pleasure myself, but I have heard "good" things....

Do a search on here under Yumiko or Victoria' Eden... you may find the info you seek...


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Nov 20, 2003
A Blue State Out West
My experience with Niko:
In the space of less than 24 hours we exchanged emails & easily made an appointment. She came to my motel room exactly on time. She was better even than her photos, a real knockout, very petite & beautiful. I'm pretty sure the breasts were enhanced, not my preference, but they weren't ridiculously huge, looked realistic enough. No piercings, only one small tatoo, trimmed not shaved.....perfect! She was a little shy, wouldn't let me undress her, went to the bathroom to do that. She was very guarded about her life at first, but opened up a little. I like to know something about an SP because I treat them like fellow human beings, but she was timid on all fronts. She was quiet, no fake loud pornstar moaning...if I had to choose between the two, I prefer quiet. Paid for 1/2 hour, she was out the door after 27 minutes.

Repeat? Sure, as I'm kinda addicted to Asians, especially young & petite. Perhaps she'll be less on her guard next time. Next trip up to Vic? Jade!
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