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Your favorite condom is?

Jan 20, 2003
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Avanti Durex

Unfortunately I can only find it in packs of five.
Can't seem to find the COSTCO size package.

When I travel I tend to BYOC. Bring your own condom.
There are some Japanese brands that are supposed to be better than the stuff that we have here.
I've been paying too much attention to the chicas and not enough to the rubbers :)


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May 13, 2002
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I'll second that!

I use Avanti as well and find them to be the best for sensation, comfort and fit.

Or, Durex purple if Avanti not available.

CJ Tylers

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Jan 4, 2003
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I love any codom that fits, doesn't break, protects me and the woman I'm with, is comfortable and doesn't restrict the sensation to a point I can't feel anything.

I bought a box of what I thought were appropriately sized sensi-thin Durex condoms.

They didn't fit. I was pissed.

I guess the people who make condoms take their cue from the clothing MAN'Rs...same size label doesn't mean same size condom :(


Jan 4, 2003
For a personal intimate encounter or an erotic date with a client the best condom is Durex tropical!

You cannot go wrong with these rubbers as far as reliability goes and size also. But lets not forget about the tasty benefits also!

These will take good care of you and yours.


Sep 20, 2002

Thanks for all the response. Sensitivity is what I'm looking for. I want the "au naturel" feeling. Have tried Durex Sheik Sensi-thin and Avanti non-latex. How good are the Japanese brands?

I prefer to bring my own. I find if it's too small then it will likely break. If it's too big then it's likely to slip off. Accidents do happen, maybe more often than people realize.


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Nov 12, 2002
You also have to consider the lady's concerns, especially if she's going to give you a BJ. So avoid the foul-tasting spermicide, and go for the strawberry flavor! ;)
Jan 20, 2003
Avatar looks like Angelina.
"So thin it feels like nothing at all"

The Japanese contenders are:

Kimono MicroThins "So thin it feels like nothing at all"
0.038 mm thickness.

There's also

Okatmato's Crown Skinless made with the sheerlon "skinless skin" latex. In business since 1934 and the dominant manufacturer in the land of rising buns.
Apr 11, 2003
resurrecting an old thread...

I finally saw what Avanti (by Durex?) are like. Are they supposed to be oily? I used them & they were all oily! It was gross to touch!
flavored condoms... taste okay but mouth got raw after the box was half way done (no no... not in one night). Switched and the troubles went away. So for my 50 cents, plain, tasteless and even dry preferably. And I figure, if the flavored made hamburger out of my mouth then.... ugh

brand? Beyond 7 for a snug fit (and very thin)... Ramses for everything else (except the big uns.... for them Trojan Large).
well... since you ask...

er... ooops - drat! I hate that question!

but... since you asked. 5 inches or less with a circumference of 3 inches or less is smallish. Its the kind of tool that ... well... condoms tend to slide right off.

slightly longer and slightly thicker and now you are talking about average. 5 1/2 inches, 3 1/2 inch or better circumference.

large refers more to thickness than length. You can have a 6 inch appendage, but with a 4 1/2 - 5 1/2 inch circumference, you've got something in the larger category.

length is not so important after a point... you ever notice on those porn flicks how the really long ones get ripped off when they are plunging in and out - about 3 inches never really get in.. and everything just sort of bends? that's cuz the average gal's... well.. heck... the length is four inches. Sure its flexible, but only to a point. Its made to stretch widthwise - not lengthwise.

I know guys never believe me when I say they are just fine... I hear so many whistfully say they wish they were 8, 9 or more inches.. and I gotta tell you. That can really hurt and even, in some cases, start a gal bleeding. Oh yeah - that's a lot of fun! I'll pass.
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