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Dec 10, 2002
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Yoni here. I am writing from the beautiful Island of Bali. I have some time oh my hands here and thought I would entertain you all with some of my thoughts and experiences gained through almost 25 years of participating in this hobby.

My Background: I am 45 years old. My career (such as it was) was mostly in the hotel and restaurant business. About 15 years ago I dropped out of that and entered a period of depression with lots of drug taking and all that this entails. Moving from this stage I began to follow my real passion in life (though this was not so clear to me at the time) the world of metaphysics, mysticism, yoga, meditation and generally looking inward. For the past two and a half years I have been travelling the world sharing what I have stumbled across with people through the medium of psychic reading. I imagine here that many will stop reading and dismiss this tread as the ramblings of a flake. I just wanted to give you an idea of the perspective I bring to this board.

The hobby started for me with a bj in a back alley somewhere in Toronto. For several years I used Sws exclusively then graduated to escorts found through the pages of NOW magazine in Toronto. In almost twenty-five years I have been sometimes more and sometimes less involved in the hobby due to economic influences and various girlfriends and relationships. The constant for me has been that I really love the variety of experience and women that I meet. I have been satisfied, exalted, robbed, ripped-off, conned, and fallen in love more that once.

When I first started the hobby I was deeply secretive about my sex life. Even when I did not have a girlfriend it was my secret life that I did not share with anyone. My inner explorations have shown me that having such a secret is impossible to maintain and have any sort of intimacy with anyone. Slowly I started to reveal myself to others and found that I was not always as severely judged as I had imagined I would be. Some people even found it interesting (even women) and I found that many men (almost all) had at least tried it once. I do not imagine that everyone can be open about this hobby as many have wives, jobs, or a position that would be compromised by such revelations. We all live at the moment in a highly judgemental society. For me this is the great value of such forums as this; it allows a degree of communication while still maintaining anonymity. It is better than nothing. I also recognise that at least part of the thrill for me for a long time was the actual thrill of secrecy. As I reveal myself to others some of the drive diminishes.

I notice upon rereading that this posting is not how I had intended it to be when I started out writing. It is more personal, less general, than I had imagined it would be. I guess that this is because I do not really have that much advise for someone starting out in the hobby except to say have fun, treat the ladies with respect and be as safe as you can be. You are likely to have a full range of experiences and not all will be pleasant. This forum allows you to do research, use it but get out there and have your own experiences. Share your experiences here but try to remember that even when you pay for sex there is still a degree of chemistry in any encounter so try to be objective in your reviews.

For the women who frequent this board: I do not know if I have been with any of the regular posters here. I have not lived in Vancouver for a couple of years now and I do not recognise any names. As representatives of the profession though the regular posters seem to be exemplary examples. I see you as providing a service that is absolutely necessary in the world. Bluntly, we all need to have more sex in our lives and for many guys this is the way. For me, in an ideal world, sex would be much more of a normal thing and not the huge thing we have made it out to be. Getting laid would be an easy and fun part of the human experience for both men and women. Some how, I see the intelligent capable women who share here as the fore runners of this vision. You seem to be very clear about what you do and could actually be an example for other women. I feel an affinity here as I see my profession in a similar light. My intention in giving readings is always to help the client to see that they do not really need me to tell them anything. All the answers that they seek come from them anyway. Similarly, you have the opportunity to show men that the sexuality that they experience with you is really about them. Once they get this (I have not yet got this-only glimpses) the whole tangled ball of string starts to relax and women are no longer such a mystery to be solved or conquered but a pleasure to be enjoyed, nurtured and cared for. This planet could be a much more enjoyable place to live.

Thanks for reading if you have made it this far. Any comments or feedback about this posting are welcome. If any one is interested in a reading I do email or phone readings as well as in person if you happen to be in Bali or next week in Byron Bay, Australia. If you PM me I will send an email address (I am not sure if my email is available through the board) and payment can be arranged. For any of the ladies-I do accept trades ; ).

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