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Will Buy New or Gently worn SIZE 5 Sexy/Fetish Footwear


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May 3, 2009
I am very interested in purchasing new or gently worn Ladies Size 5 (FIVE) Knee high or Thigh high Boots, Stilettos, Dress Shoes, High Heels, Night Club Footwear get the picture right ?

I realize that some designs fit small and I am often told "you can get away with a 6" ...I can not wear a 6 so there is no need sending any information on a size larger than a 5 as I actually wear a 3/4.

I am interested in anything currently fashionable (mind you it is, errrrr, slutty footwear, not really sure that it goes out of style) I am interested in all colors and styles (from mild to wild).

If you or someone you know has any Size 5 Ladies Footwear that is new or gently worn or if you have any information as to where I might have some luck please send me a pm.
I will worry about shipping if required so feel free to contact me from just about anywhere ;)

A desperate soul looking for ...yes, that's right, new soles. (Sorry couldn't resist)

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