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What the hell happened to Kev?

Jan 20, 2003
Avatar looks like Angelina.
Okay mongers, take a pause and stop being distracted!
Doesn’t anyone pay attention to the needle in the haystack here?

Alright knock off the Kev bashing you guys.
That includes you freshly un-banned guys.
Now’s not a time for holocaust survival retribution revengers brigade.
We need a real amnesty here.
Stop talking about your balls for a second brother Hamster.
My trouble-meter detector has spotted something serious.
Kev has shrunk down from 184 to 160 and now to 8 posts!
And I’m not surprised at the 8 that he left.

Analyzing the way that he left, I would conclude that he self-immolated himself like a Kurt Cobain political statement.

Only 2 weeks ago we had peace and vibrancy here.
All that changed with one single thread. :mad:
We lost more than 10% of our database, okay most of that had to do with the Hamster thing with Laiya, but one thing led to another and another.
Mongers getting banned left and right, all my Lava comedy stories wiped out, and now one of our top members Kev has done his self-immolation act. :confused:

The wealth of this board, any monger board, is its posting database.

I’m sorry Kev.
Sorry that it had to come to this. :(


Mar 26, 2003
Kev, still standing - good stuff


What's that Elton John song, "I'm still standing better than I ever did, looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid" or something like that (apologies to Reginald Dewight and Bernie Taupin!).

Don't just lurk and be a stranger. I am sure you are out there having your share to, let us know!

Remember, people don't usually keep bringing up someone's name and or taking the effort to hassle them unless they like them (if not grudgingly so sometimes....e.g. P88's obvious relationship with you).

Cheers buddy
Vancouver Escorts