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What happened to Chanel in Surrey?


New member
Oct 20, 2002
Hey guys,

Does anybody know what ever happened to a lady by the name of Chanel in Surrey. She was a very bubbly French lady, about 30-35 yrs, and operated around 152 Street in Surrey. If anybody remembers her and knows her current status, please let me know...

Sir Jim

Jun 13, 2003
I think I saw her working on 104th ave in Surrey not to far from the unfinished Asian centre last week. A word of caution here, I reviewed her a year back on tbd about her greek services. The place she worked in was near 152nd st and was a total crack house dump. No sheets on a bed, no toilet paper for the toilet etc.
My spidey senses said to move on and I did. Unfortunately I had allready left my donation and she had a hundred reasons why I couldn't get it back. I just left.


May 20, 2002
I agree. Before she had a place you used to have to call her for an outcall. Being in the mood for Greek I arranged for her to come over to my place (Big Mistake). She ended up being over an hour a half late and by then my significant other was close to coming home so I called her and cancelled. She freaked out and kept calling and calling. I had to unplug my phone. It was a bad scene. She left some nasty messages and even attempted to knock on my neighbors doors in the townhouse complex where I live. Luckily I had not given her my unit # or my real name. Try explaining that to your neighbors!! What a BITCH!!!
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