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What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Ms Erica Phoenix

Satisfaction Provider
Jun 25, 2013
In Your Wildest Dreams!
Do you find yourself with nothing special planned to do as 2017 slips away & we welcome in 2018?
Are you hoping for something quieter & more intimate than a noisy party with all your coupled friends?

Why not come see a lady?

I would love to spoil you in my elegant downtown location for a catered evening you'll never forget: let's start your 2018 off right! Let's prepare & eat a meal together, dance up a storm, share some wine (& perhaps a little seasonal greenery? :wink:) & some laughter before we retire to the bedroom...where my skills are legendary, my pleasure & enjoyment are authentic, & YOU are my sole focus. Please text me or email me at [email protected] to set up your special evening. I will NOT be available on short notice, only by request, but I simply ADORE spoiling someone special while they are spoiling me! (I particularly love catering to men 55+!)
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