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Victoria prestige


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Jun 4, 2003
Had not been to prestige before so based on a couple pictures on their site thought I would give them a try. Went in and three ladies available Victoria answered door and took me to room she looked like an interesting fun young lady. NOT. YMMV. She started shower and left room for at least 10 minutes I hate waiting that long.Came back in and after a lame less than 5 minute back rub? asked what else I would like. Should have gone with basic rub and tug as I usually do with a new girl. Little head did the thinking and I said FS I guess she is kinda cute. Got price out of way and after lame prelim s with cbj got to the main event.After around 2 minutes she needed more lubrication and used her lotion for this purpose. She was the first service worker I have had that has used lotion for this purpose (most lotions can affect integrity of condoms), anyway after a couple more minutes less than two she whispers the magic words (are you gonna come soon) I hate that and it is pretty much a session killer for me.YMMV. Finished up and dressed and left unhappily. Would not return to studio that would employ such a lousy service worker. L.A.S. 7/3/3 YMMV this was only my personal experience maybe she had a bad day but I dont think so.


Jul 16, 2003
Sounds like you got taken dude.

I go to Prestige about once a week. Go see Julie or Kitty. The place isint bad, just maybe a few every place out there.

I hope her DISservice didn't take you away from IMHO is a great studio with fun ladies.

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