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Victoria Agency of Choice Poll

What is your Agency of Choice?

  • Chantelle's

    Votes: 1 1.9%
  • Classy Ladies

    Votes: 9 17.0%
  • Escape & Relax

    Votes: 5 9.4%
  • Seduction Unlimited

    Votes: 20 37.7%
  • Other

    Votes: 18 34.0%

  • Total voters


New member
new agency Island Beauties

There is another up and coming agency in the city of Victoria. Still under renovations, but when they are complete, WOW! The agency is Island Beauties it opened Wednesdat, April 22/03. The location is absolutely amazing. Very discreet, lots of parking and quite obvious the owners have put alot of time and effort into their business. The one bedroom is exquisite; picture a bed suspended from the ceiling, and a jungle theme. Their ideas are fresh, the place is warm and has electricity (need I say more). When all is said and done they will be the place that starts some strong competion. I know for sure that beatiful lady Pandora is working there, I saw her yesterday for their opening. Thank goodness I found her because she was MIA for quite some time. She still as lovely as ever and still very willing to please. Spoke to the owner myself and she is a doll! She has been in the industry before, but I will not reveal that info. I recommend anyone to go check this place out. I definitely give it two thumbs way up.
Apr 11, 2003
From my e-mail inbox...about Classy Ladies...

I e-mailed both Seductions Unlimited & Classy Ladies about Vancouver tours...

Classy Ladies is supposed to be in Vancouver as of today, Thursday April 24th, 2003...at their "usual location"? I have no idea what that means...they said they'll provide a local number when they're here...could that be why there's no electricity at Classy Ladies?

Summer, Lisa, Michelle, Francesca, Kelly, Kayla, Jenny, Kristy,
Abby, Alexia, Maria and Suzie.

Before anyone says anything...I just want to stress that I am in no way affliliated to the aforementioned agencies...I was looking for when they were coming again to Vancouver...decided to e-mail them & the above was the response I got from Classy Ladies...

Seduction Unlimited (which also seems to use a Shaw address?) wrote me saying they don't know when they'll be in Vancouver again...


Caveat Emptor
Jan 7, 2003
Don't think they have a website yet otherwise M6233 would be posting that all over the place along with all her ads for Pandora... which is getting a little boring if you ask me.

Sounds as though this Pandora is the same as the one from CL and SU and so now she is at IB...wonder where she will be next week!!


Paradise Island
Jun 6, 2002
Vancouver Island
Interesting results . . . . 622 views to date with 26 votes cast for a 4.2% return . . . So much for participation! lol


Distinguished Member
Jun 23, 2002
Midwest, U.S.A.
Most viewers most likely do not have an agency of choice. This could mean many don't use agencies, or, if they do, they have no strong preference. The foregoing two items are not listed as poll choices; the "Other" category implies "other agency". ---Moe


Paradise Island
Jun 6, 2002
Vancouver Island
I agree Moe...When I created the poll, I selected "established" agencies local to the Victoria scene that are likely to still be around in a couple months . . . Island Beauties and Eden are both "newbies" on the block - it will be interesting to see if they are still around by the end of summer or if they go the way of the doe-doe bird as others have in the past . . .

Next time, perhaps, we could cover the island and include the likes of Ladies 'n Lace, Island Girls, the newbies (if they survive), etc . . . Whatch think?

On va voir!
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