Veronica Blake - Nanaimo should be proud!


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Nov 23, 2008
Veronica works mostly in Calgary but home base for her is Nanaimo. I think she is a home grown gal as it were. So when she is in Nanaimo, drop everything and get yourself booked in. Check out her schedule on her website: or at You can also happily jerk off just going through her hot photos, but save a load or two because she can take everything you can give her, and then some.

I had the extreme pleasure of an outcall visit recently at a local hotel. I opened the door and she literally took my breath away. Veronica is drop dead gorgeous! She was wearing what looked like a short jacket - it turns out that was all she was wearing besides some very sexy lingerie. This was quite a nice surprise when I did the gentlemanly thing and asked if I could take her coat. I slowly unzipped her as her magnificent huge tits then popped out, almost bursting from her sexy lacy black bra. Further unzipping revealed lacy panties, garter belt and sheer black stockings. I think I managed to remember to hang the coat up.

We shared some wine and chocolates, and chatted. I enjoyed a little oral play - having Veronica take a sip of wine, then press her lips to mine and share her wine with me. I think it adds greatly to the "bouquet" or however the fuck you describe wine. She obliged the same way with some creamy Belgian chocolates. I had to lick some of the chocolate off of her luscious lips.

We had two hours of sexy time together with lots of sucking and fucking, playing with her tits, and best of all some squirting fun. The first time, Veronica was sitting on my face while I was digging my tongue deeply into her tasty wet cunt while she was rubbing her clit, grinding her hips into my face. All of a sudden, I am drowning in girl cum swallowing and licking, hot girl cum pouring down my face - holy shit! Girl squirt can sometimes be a bit strong, but Veronica has a musky very sexy taste ("bouquet") that I quite enjoyed. I asked if there was more where that came from. Veronica said it wasn't guaranteed especially when she feels under pressure to produce. We got into a fun position facing each other, my balls pressed up against her warm asshole. I stroked my cock while she worked on her pussy. She managed two rather massive gushes, flooding upwards over her tummy and all over the bed.

Veronica also offers Greek as an extra, so the next round was focused on her very pretty tight asshole. I love ass fucking face to face, so we could continue DFK and I had a great view of her tits. Further fucking and sucking before shooting my one and only load of the night - sadly being a one shot kind of guy.

We chatted a bit more until our session sadly ended. Veronica is very personable. Sometimes being with a stunningly gorgeous, super sexy woman can be a bit intimidating but she certainly put me at ease. I can't wait to see her again soon.
Have we met before dolan83? I usually book threw text so I don't always know who ppl are threw there review board names.

And yes my hair is dyed, if you ask me that in person you will hear it from my lips, but honestly who doesn't dye there hair , also for that matter my tits are fake to , but yet no one has ever complained. I always like to say you cant be all things to all people and this ok, chemistry is chemistry, every one is just flipping over rocks trying to find the perfect companion for them and visa versa



Oct 17, 2016
I am sorry I missed you when you were in Nanaimo. You look so good and I can only imagine a rendezvous with such a luscious lady. I will watch for your next visit.


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Aug 9, 2015
Campbell River
I agree with Mike Hunt and milfhunter... I would do Veronica all day every day and twice on Sundays... I mean if money and stamina were unlimited for me - her stamina certainly is unlimited...
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