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vancouver threads!


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Feb 11, 2004
I had some extra time, so I thought that I would check out the Vancouver perb chats, just for fun with no real intentions of making the trip.

I have seen almost zero SW chat in Victoria (which is nice) but Vancouver seems to be rife with it. Am I really niave and Victoria has it as much but we dont see it here. I believe that safety is important and I would not see a SW (tell me if I am blurring lines here), but by the looks of it Victoria is much more organized and regulated (by the SP's) than Vancouver....

Tell me why I should go over if at all....

I think that I have a great list on the go and will see them if all things work out, but I am NOT interested in SW's as it is too scary and we have an amazing market here. Let me know if I have this right....

Sorry, this might be a thread for the lounge, I will add "what happened to Emily at IB" to make this applicable. I saw her in the fall and had a good experience but noticed that she is gone now (she talked endlessly about an old guy in the states that took her on a 3 thousand $ shopping trip that I didnt appreciate - and she was thinking about moving down with him) but the service was great - (minus the smoking breath)

Are the markets that different?

Also, I wish to see Kari at VE and cant find any reviews, any insider info on her???


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Everybody has their own interests. Some guys like SW, some of the guys likes getting laps, some guys go for the rub & tug. We should not discriminate here. Any info is good info. If you are not interested in SW, don't read the posts about SW.


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Oct 27, 2002
WC Drifter said:
Do a search for "Kari".

There was a review of her just recently
There was? I did a search for Kari and I didn't find any review, just a few ISO-type messages.


Oct 19, 2002
hate to break the news

but the Victoria section isn't exactly thriving with reviews either..and as far as the "heavy posters" not posting reviews and liking to hear themselves talk..what's the matter with others posting reviews..yes Vic has lots of Great Ladies and prices are better..but the Van section is not the only one that is hurting for reviews..instead of waiting for others to do so and coming down on members who you think don't review you should maybe do some yourself..just my opinion though ;)


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Jun 6, 2002
Vancouver Island
Kari Summary

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