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Vancouver Area Hotels

Vancouver Area Hotels. HELP!

Hey folks,
We just had a pretty successful trip to Vancouver but would like some ideas on Vancouver area hotels for our next trip. Should we go to Metrotown? Richmond? New West? We're looking for a decent hotel preferably without card swipe elevators. Email us your suggestions. It would be greatly appreciated.

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May 11, 2002

I don't know what the Stay and Save motel in Richmond is like. When I envision a motel, it is an open parking lot right in front of all the rooms. You have to drive into this lot, park your car, then go knock on the room door. This would not be what I consider private. Think of all the possible learing eyes, especially if the motel is L shaped or a cul de sac. Someone sitting back enjoying a cold one might start to wonder whats up with all the cars pulling in and going in and out of the same room every (half) hour. So what is this Stay and Save like?

I have never had a problem with hotels. Noone knows who you are, what your there for, or where you're going. If you don't like the lobby, most hotels have a bar entrance. I have never been questioned by any hotel staff before. And if you were, you could always say you're looking for the bar or restaurant.

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Mar 8, 2003
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Stay and Save in Richmond

Actually P.B. there is lots of free parking very close but away from the hotel. It's beside a business park and does not get alot of drive by traffic at all. The rooms are accessed from the outside, three or four floors by stairs.


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Apr 26, 2003
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Having lived in Richmond all my life and also having worked in the business park right next to the Stay n Save, I would agree to the point that it doesn't get "a lot" of drive-by traffic at certain times of the day (its close to a major on-ramp to the Oak Street Bridge and lets not forget all the people who work at - and drive to and from - said business park), BUT I would only recommend that Motel as one of the last choices on the list. Aside from the outside access which is viewable to anyone who happens to be looking, its also easier for the motel management to see the traffic in and out of a given suite. Sounds a tad on the paranoid edge, I know, but I think its justifiable. On the plus side it does have an IHOP right there so brekky will be good regardless :D

Close by to the SnS is the Ramada Park Plaza (formerly the Delta Pacific Resort), Vancouver Airport Travelodge, Vancouver Airport Sandman, Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport, Holiday Inn Express (on Bridgeport close to the Cosco).

Closer to the "downtown" part of Richmond is the Best Western Richmond Inn / Marriott / Hilton (3 hotels, one parking lot) and the Executive Inn just up the street (Westminster Hwy.). The Executive and the Best Western have the advantage of having apartment suites available, but I don't know the rates. Acorss the street is the Ramada Airport, but I've heard of agencies having problems there so that's probably a no-go.


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Jun 24, 2002
Radisson in Burnaby is very nice !

Quite and rates are reasonable!
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