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Unorothodox Way to Increase Sexual Vitality


Feb 15, 2004
The Taoist ancient training that can enhance a man or women's sex life far greater than Viagra could ever do is an ancient exercise called Shih-Shui (she-sway) or (bone marrow washing). In the past Shih-Shui was kept largely a secret and taught only to a few Taoist monks as an effective source of rejuvenation, and a way to straighten the whole body internally as well as externally through sexual vitality.

Scientists have found that some hormones (DHEA- sulphate in particular) directly control the aging process and ultimately, life itself. Shih-Shui is a method by which one can fully extract the essence of vital energy from the gonads and produce this hormone and use it to preserve and extend life. During the first stage, the practitioner learns the testicle/ovary exercises, which stimulate hormone generation. He or she is then taught how to reverse the flow of gonad secretions to the brain. Through special internal exercises the sexual essence is then channeled to the limbs to nourish and improve the health of the entire body. This helps to prevent aging of the physical body and to eliminate illness associated with old age.

Training for Men

"Shih-Shui is a no nonsense way of cultivating energy within the body. There is no comparison to any other exercise I have experienced. I am less stressed, and feel more disciplined than before. Shih-Shui has improved my performance during physical activities 100%, especially during sex." Rafael Salazar

For men this program involves chi kung exercises to straighten the man's internal organs. He then learns a few massages exercises involving the scrotum and the application of swinging weights that are tightened to the connecting base of the scrotum: the total weight is gradually increased over time. Testicle exercises are an important part of the Shih-Shui training. Among the traditional Chinese arts of fitness, this is the best exercise with direct and quick results for those who are in search of the secret life longevity and also for those who seek to develop greater martial art capability.

Training for Women

"I have had three children so it helped me put my body back together after the birth of my last child. It has been a positive benefit to my sexuality and pleasure as well as heightened sense of well being and confidence." Sondra

Women also do a few chi kung exercises to straighten their internal organs and tighten the vagina. A jade egg is the inserted into the vagina; Shih-Shui involves swinging weights which are tied to the egg . As with the male program, the weights are increased with time.
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