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Unofficial PA Minutes March 26th, 2004, Part Deux, The Sequel


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Apr 26, 2003
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Where does one start....?

I guess at the Beginning.

"In the beginning, Vancouverman created the PA. And the PA was void and without form. And the spirit of Vancouverman moved upon the face of Perbertia.

And Vancouverman said, "Let there a PA Meeting be" and there was. And Vancouverman saw that the PA Meeting was good.

And they just keep on getting better and better. This was the largest PA meeting yet by a factor of almost 3. Fun factor was off the scale.

To all of you who attended, thank you SO much for making this by FAR the biggest and best PA Meeting yet. To those of you who couldn't make it, we missed you, but it didn't stop us from having a great time without you ;)

For the ladies in attendance, ~Alexandria~, Paige, LisaGiggles, Victoria Lee, Elaine, Saraphina, Brooklyn, and Sheena West, a massive thank you for sharing your time with us. You are the reason we're all here and spending time with you like this is a thrill and a privilege.

For the guys, wow, great turn out. There were so many new faces and new names/handles. I'm not even going to try to mention all of you here as I know I'll miss a lot of names. Thank you all for making the effort and for coming out of the shadows.

There's not a lot that I can really add to WCD's earlier Moments, but here's a few ramblings from a sleep-deprived Single White Brain...

LisaGiggles... Good lord, girl, you can drink... and unlike the rest of us mere mortals, you get more and more energetic the more you drink. I have no idea how you do it. I'm surprised Babyface could walk straight - or at all for that matter - after the Babyface/Lisa/Elaine sandwich....

Paige's New LV Purse made a surprise guest appearance. The line up to be a Designated Purse Holder was surprisingly big, but managed to keep from becoming a mob scene. Film at 11.

WC Drifter selflessly volunteered his services as Paige's Personal Cleanliness Attendant and made sure that not one drop of spilled Brown Cow was left un-licked.... no matter where it landed.... as long as it was on Paige.... and not on The Purse.

~Alexandria~'s grand entrance - with Vancouverman firmly in tow - sparked an immediate shuffling of seats by the guys to make sure they all got the chance to be ~Personally~ welcomed. ~Alex~, there's not much more I can add to WCD's remarks, so I will just simply say thank you for being the catalyst for all of this.

Mello/Kato was in fine form in what was an apparent audtion for the job of Assistant-Assistant Organizer.

Quick safety tip: remember to take your glasses OFF before attempting smell Paige's perfume. Safety First!

A special note to one guy who couldn't be there: L2L... A few tried to replace you as "Zen Grin Master Extraordinaire". Some tried several times, risking personal injury and possible suffocation in the process. I think Drifter came the closest, but it was hard to tell if he was actually grinning - or even breathing - while between Paige's and/or Victoria's boobs. Because of this lack of definitive proof, we must all bow to the Master Grinner yet again and hope you can make the next one.

I remember commenting to "Assistant-Assistant Organizer Pro Tem" Kato at one point that we had lost Saraphina to Dufferin for a while. Thankfully for the other 34 or so guys in attendance, she was able to break free and mingle. We were all so glad that you were able to attend and provide proof that L2L wasn't dreaming with his review.

Victoria Lee proved to us that the party doesn't start until she gets there. Or until she gets a Private Dance. Or until she's had a few Bombay's. Or until she's trying to decide "T-shirt?... No t-shirt?...". Thanks for being there VL and making us realize that L.A's gain is truly, sadly, Vancouver's loss.

Dufferin... well, all I can say is that I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for you and your "abused" nipples. Oh... and if a lady puts a Twenty in your pants after a lap dace, GOOD GOD MAN!... KEEP IT! :D

Flexible dancer on stage, ankles behind ears and a lit match. You fill in the rest... :eek:

Drifter... for you I still have only one word to say, but i don't think I can repeat it here ;)

Vancouverman once again served notice to all would-be future organizers that we'll never be able to replace you. Your title as Grand Master PA Meeting Organzer will most likely go unchallenged for a long time.

As noted, Brooklyn made a surprise and relatively un-announced visit. It was a pleasure meeting you, albeit breifly, and we all hope you'll be able to attend future meetings.

My immense thanks to CJ Tylers for not only showing up, but for providing me with the inspiration for the name tag.

BigDman... really sorry about your car. I hope there's not too much teeth-pulling with ICBC.

Thanks again, one and all.

Edited for your spelling safety.
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May 30, 2002
As an attendee - albeit one who left b4 the real peak of the party - I concur on the thanxs to VM and Alexandria, as well as the other girls that attended.
Seeing Duff give Victoria Lee a lap dance was worth attending alone! I had a great time, and appreciated the opportunity to put some faces and personality to the handles on the board. My thanks to all for a great time!


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May 17, 2002
In another time zone

A few more highlights to add to the minutes:
  • first PA meeting with over 40 attendees
  • first PA meeting with handicapped people (hooray for wheelchair accessibility!)
  • first PA meeting where the girls got a little naughty...NOT! ;)
  • VL offering select PERBerts the opportunity to smell her perfume (mmmm, perfume...)
  • Paige offering everyone the opportunity to feel her track suit (mmmm, track suits...)
  • lap dance demonstrations by multiple people (girls and guys)
  • some really hot dancers on stage -- including one that had fire coming out of her... :eek:
Props to VM, SWGuy, Mello/Kato, and everyone else who helped organize. And props to my bro's in "Chinatown" for holding down the all-important corner table. (Chicks dig the corner table...) ;)




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May 14, 2002
Another thing about Parazzi_Dave is he is from South of the border. Its good to see our American PERBtian brother making the trip up North to join us Canadians.

I think he wins longest distance award by car. Unless some of you know different. --- Kev
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