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Un-Lubricated Condoms


Jun 15, 2004
Gals, if you don't like the taste of lubricated condoms feel free to buy non-lubricated (if you can find them these days). BUT I MUST CAUTION YOU, if you don't want your client to writher in pain ... lube lube lube.

The lube on the cock before you cover it IS A MUST! Dry condoms on a semi dry cock causes incredible discomfort.

Use the lube (or spit/salavia can work) for a nice hand job to work the cock into it's ready state, then treat the customer by slipping the rubber in your mouth and slowly roll it out onto johnny with your lips and tongue.

Then blow away!

To make it easier on you - lube it again before you perform the full service part of the appointment.

It will be a much more pleasant session - believe me, I will demand that of a dry condom user next time!


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Dec 6, 2004
TOFTT said:
TOFTT definately likes his lube, weather it be natural or artificial. I say the slipprier the better. ;)
Slipprier always means an extra extra extra long and hard thrusting session to get over the top. Sometimes even means a break to catch my breath before resuming the action.

I once asked a sp where the comments about ripped and torn safes came from as I had never experienced a torn safe and I always bang away fast and furious unless I leave the safe off. She said that if the sp isn't wet for you torn safes happen regularly if they don't lube up. She said that because I always did DATY lubrication was never needed which explained why I never ripped a safe.