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May 13, 2002
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After I don't know how many tries calling her (not to mention the few put offs on Saturday), I finally lined up a time to see her tonight. Sometimes I'm such a glutten for punishment to find that elusive wild asian SP. If that wasn't enough of a caution flag, then the Freeman St address I was given was more. Remember going to the same house over a year ago to visit an asian who was pretty scanky. Anyways, from her description and voice over the phone, I knew she was different. Get there at the appointed time and she's a freeking no show. A guy answers the door, who is all apoligelic, and advises me she went for an outcall and won't be back for at least an hour. What a fucking bitch standing me up like that. Anyways, the guy tells me to come back (ya right) and that she's real popular. This begs the question: so...she's a nice looking asian girl??? The guys gives me that look and says she's black with maybe some asian background. Like the fact she is from fucking Singapore. So now, not only is she an unreliable unprofessional bitch she's a fucking liar too.

There you have it guys. Case of the Asian Trin - closed.
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