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trim cum rub & tug


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Jun 8, 2003
following on a tip posted earlier by a friend of slim shady’s, i decided i better check out Simple Scissors. i like this place! but i must admit i haven’t really figured it all out yet. i think there are three girls giving massage, and two of them cut hair. anyway i’ve been a couple of times now and really enjoyed it. first off, i sat in the chair for a quick trim (which i was very happy with) and then it was off to the back room (shower unfortunately is outside the room)... christie is probably about 22 and really cute, fillipina i think, she might daydream a bit through the massage which is a bit soft but she’s really pleasant. jenn is definitely older, but gives a more rigorous massage. i think it’s definitely a case of ymmv (although i suspect the menu is pretty limited), and i guess honestly maybe it’s not worth a trip just for a massage, but i love the idea of the trim cum rub & tug, and for one brown all inclusive who’s complaining! ($16 plus tip for trim (plus a senior’s discount for those who qualify), $30 room charge plus two greens and a ten). on another point, finally maybe there’s something in calgary that vancouver strangely doesn’t have, an asian barbershop! i started out splitting my hobby time between calgary and vancouver, but the truth is calgary can’t compete at all (at least for mps, i have no idea about escorts) and i basically shifted all my hobby time to van. it’s almost worth the plane fare, just to have some fun... so i was happy to find something like this close to home...


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Nov 28, 2002
Blue sky country
Give EDM a try

Edmonton is a lot better, selection, prices, service, attractive ladies than Calgary. Try reviewing the EDM. boards plus quite of few of the EDM studios have websites.


May 30, 2003
Got a hair cut today and then a massage . The haircut was from one girl (not sure her name) and the massage was from somebody else (Chrissie). Very young girl. Rub and tug. I think that is all on the menu. A little bit of touching allowed but nude or topless I think is out of the question.Overall average but it is a change to get a haircut and blowdry (rub and tug) all in the same place. Has anybody else had anything other than a fully dressed girl with a r&t. Haircut /tip/room/extra all one brown
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