Freya Darling

Toronto's Charlotte Edwards

Dick Ford

Oct 7, 2015
BC Interior
I had the pleasure of seeing Charlotte ( in Toronto this past spring, and I am very much looking forward to seeing her again when she visits Kelowna in August, a rare treat for anyone looking for a true GFE encounter with a skilled provider. Here's the review I wrote on terb of our memorable encounter:

Is there anything more delicious than anticipation? Especially the anticipation of being in the company of a beautiful, smart, funny woman?

I think not. I set the wheels in motion to see the inimitable Charlotte Edwards many, many months back, as I was planning an Easter weekend visit to Toronto. Over the course of that time I really got to know this charming young woman, and she me, both inside and out. It made for the most exciting, enticing process of discovery and made our eventual encounter as comfortable, fun and sexy as you could ask for.

It could have gone a lot worse, though, as I made the rookie mistake of showing up late (bad travel planning combined with a bum phone). But Charlotte was more than understanding of this stranger in a strange land (pro tip: a deposit and pre-booking help in many different ways), and soon I was lathering up, gargling, and joining her on the bed.

If you know of Charlotte (and if you don’t, you ought to!), and have seen some of her stunning photos, you know she has an elegant collection of lingerie to match her tight little body. And she didn’t disappoint during our encounter -- she greeted me on the bed with a stunning gold and black ensemble that offered more than enough mental stimulation to get my motor running.

Soon we were talking and laughing, and it was clear that we were both very comfortable in each other’s company. Charlotte is a natural conversationalist, and has interesting, often funny perspectives on a broad range of issues, and the conversation never felt forced or awkward for the hour-and-a-half we spent together.

As much as I loved our conversation, though, it was hard not to interrupt every so often and move in closer for a kiss or caress. With skin so soft and curves in all the right places, it was hard to keep my hands off of her lovely body. And the kissing. Wow. Honestly, I could have spent an hour-and-a-half just kissing her. It’s never easy to get in a good kissing groove with someone new, but Charlotte is a natural and I was glad to follow her lead.

I’ll leave the rest to your imagination, but suffice to say with her on top, or with her going down on me with all that luxurious hair cascading over my body, it was as close to sexual nirvana, or as she liked to call it, “my happy place,” as I had ever been (I guess my perma-grin gave me away).*

Charlotte is a one-of-a-kind SP, like a girl next door with an extremely naughty side, and she more than lived up to the anticipation that built as we got to know each other before we met. Although Charlotte’s picky about who she sees, I found her screening process easy, and her incall was comfortable and well-appointed. It made for an unforgettable experience that was as sensual as it was sexual, and that left me wanting more. Hopefully, our paths will cross again.


Aug 10, 2013
Just saw Charlotte in Kelowna for 2 hours on the 23rd when she first got there ,and couldn't agree more with what Dick said , have seen her numerous times over the last few years,first in Toronto were I had the luck of finding her web sight and my luck went through the roof when the best SP Ive ever met decided to start touring to Vancouver and other Canadian cities, Beautiful lady ,a class act,sweet personality,will be seeing her again of that Ive no doubt