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Topshelf checks in


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Mar 7, 2004
I have been lurking on this board for sometime and finally to jump in the MP scene. I would like to thank the regulars like Candyman, trawler, Herman Foranour, and here's mikey just to list a few for the info u have provided. I will try to live up to ur standards and provide the same quality info.

Fantasy - Jessie was my first and she did an awesome job of taking my cherry. She made me feel comfortable, because no matter how much u read on here, there is nothing like the first time. Gives an awesome HJ.

Katrina - If ur looking for that tall hot blonde, this is the woman for u. Nice rack, fun personality.

Sydney - There probably isn't much more that i could add, the energy this sexy little blonde brings is awesome. Look at me when u do that, is all I can say.

Wildrose - Lee- Reminds me of the cougar from Youngblood. My sex vocabulary expanded greatly after meeting this cougar with claws to die for. Wildrose is an awesome location for discretion.

Its not much but I will do my best to kee review coming and look forward to meeting woman like Gabrielle and Rebecca.
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