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To tip or not to tip!


Jul 26, 2003
Hello everyone!

Well should you tip the SP? Hey money is never is to get - for any of us! This, however, is something to think about. As some of you know i haven gotten to know an SP very well. Here is something I have learned. She works at an in call agency where they advertise, provide the room, clean sheets and towels ( I hope), etc. She sits there and waits for the clients. This is a full service place $190/ hour $160/half hour. A reasonable rate I guess. However, here's the point! for the $190 you pay she gets $115, for the $160 you pay she gets $85.00 dollars. Most clients are half hour clients. Personally $85.00 is not much to "do" some guy!

Of course this is what girls become "indys". This particular girl is in a short term situation because she found herself in "dire straights" so becoming an "indy" is not an option.

Well here is the question - now you know what they are getting will you tip? If yes, how much? If no, why?

Personally, in the future if i go to an agency - I will tip!
Apr 11, 2003
For a buck 90...this sounds like CC in Vancouver?
nope - the prices are what THEGUY says.. and more. In Edmonton, there is one agency that charges a brown for each date arranged, plus transportation. Of course, there are others that don't charge quite so much (one red and up). But I think its sort of like going to the hairstylist. If the fellow is the proprietor, you don't tip him when he styles your hair, because he's not "sharing" the money with anyone. If it an employee, you know a chunk has to go back to the owner, so you tip.

hope that helps.


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Apr 4, 2003

But we men have no control over what % of the donation the girl gets.

Imagine if customers in our workplace come to our counter or to our workdesk and we tell them that we pooners only get 10 cents or 1 cent on the dollar out of the payment that they give us. Do you think our workplace customers are going to pay more?

Maybe bring a small gift, but expectations of tipping are distasteful.
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