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Tired of the raids ...



Anyone else tired of the raids and the constant dodging? This industry seems trapped in the endless cycle of raids and hiding. I'm sure Amsterdam doesn't have nearly the problems of violence, assaults, murders and disease that we have in North America. So here's the question. What about arranging cruises, far enough offshor so that we are in international waters, where we can have service providers deliver outstanding service with safety and impunity. If run like a business where safety comes first, we can escape the confining elements of confusing laws and erratic enforcement. The ladies would be safe and the men could engage in fantasies without the worries of being caught. I suppose the biggest drawback is that it's impossible to be spontaneous, but the advantage is that you'd have a day or two of shear bliss. What do you think ... is there a market for this?


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Sep 23, 2003
Well this has been tried and failed due to lack of response,
back in the late 80's early 90's there was a large converted tug that traveled up and down the coast, for lack of a better description it was a traveling brothel. (not sure on spelling)
This boat would pull into small remote ports and offer services to all takers. No police problems, but the overhead killed the business.

I believe the boat is run aground somewhere near rivers inlet.


Alas, another idea floating out there that's run aground. I thought perhaps we could tug it along into something shipshape, but twas not the case. I won't let it get me steamed - I always come in for a smooth landing. I thought maybe I could carry-er away, but no, Alexandria, the little scallion, had to barge right in with comments about upkeep .... what kind of icebreaker is that?

I guess I'll have to deal with the cold Edmonton winter in a couple of weeks. Sigh ..... am I frigetting something?


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Sep 25, 2003
Edmonton, Alberta
Don't worry Koko, I'll keep ya warm ;)
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