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Tia at 10 Ave Massage


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Nov 28, 2002
Blue sky country
Found myself in Calgary for a couple of days and checked out this studio just south of downtown.

Saw Tia.

The good, 30ish attractive blond with nice chest and all natural.

The bad, based on going rate in Edmonton my normal stomping ground, was overpriced and mediocre service. Definitely had a sense I was with a pro looking to separate me from max cash for min service.

Would not revist or recommend but then I'm only in cowtown couple of times a year and usually just driving through or flying out. Serves me right for thinking with the little head.

Believe its been said before but as far as MP's go for whatever reason Edmonton wins the battle of the cities hand's down.

P.S. She went with a latex glove on the hj finish. I know safety is paramount and the perogative of the ladies but thats going a bit far.

I think part of the problem with Calgary is that local constabulary has been more aggressive in chasing and harrasing studios and this inceases costs, decrease selection and sevice etc. where EDM takes what is in my opinion a much more enlightened approach. If there are no complaints and studios fly below the radar so to speak then its a live and let live deal.


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Apr 23, 2003
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I agree.

I find the only thing Calgary has over Edmonton is the agencies for outcall. Other than that the hobby is way more fun in Edmonton!!YMMV
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