Freya Darling


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Feb 25, 2003
This gritty (I love that word) movie focuses on a thirteen yr old girl from a broken home with a single parent lifestyle. Seeking popularity and wanting to be a "cool girl" she falls in with the wrong crowd. Ataching herself to a girl in a simillar situation as herself, but whom has already discovered drugs, sex and petty theft.

The movie almost found me turning it off with it's stereotypical image of a teenage girl seeking all the usual things teenage girls want....friends, popularity, money.

Give it a chance it moves along nicely after about the 30min mark and holds your interest.

I know some of you are parents and maybe dealing with teenagers, or those just becoming them.

My friend is dealing with a similar situation with his 14yr old daughter, she skips school, failing most of her classes, fights with her parents and basicaly just wants to hang out with her friends.

I find myself noticing that as far as 14yr old girls go she is good looking and could easily turn to a life of the street and turning tricks, but I doubt it would come to that extreme. Her dad just needs to lay down the law and stop reading her the rule book and start using it on her backside!!

try checking out Basketball Diaries too. Many more of this type of movies out there, but I usually don't take interest in this kinda flick.

PS: James Rocky from Net Flix gave it (thirteen) a positive review.


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Sep 25, 2003
Edmonton, Alberta
Yeah, I watched this movie the other day and it gave me chills.


Jan 4, 2003
That hits close to home and if you think its just in the movies you are sadly mistaken. I too know a young girl who is heading down this path. She is a drug addicted sex fiend who spends most of her time with street kids and skids. She is a people pleaser who doesn't use a condom unless the guy insists. Everything she does she does for someone elses pleasure. She has been with more men than most hookers. She uses needles and who knows if she shares. Her Father goes out of town a great deal and cannot control what she does nor does he try anymore. She spends weeks at a time out on the streets and sometimes doesn't sleep the entire time. She has a regular sex partner that is 39 years old and has been her partner for almost 2 years! She is a junior high school drop out that thinks she can do homeschooling and get high all the while. She has the heart of Mother Teresa and would like to help the world. She sleeps with any man that spends more than 5 minutes alone with her. She doesn't care if you are black or white, rich or poor, she will fuck you silly and smoke all your dope too. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She has the body of a 21 year old! She has virtually no manners and prefers her hands to be dirty as oposed to clean. She got a staff infection from picking at her skin last summer. She rarely goes for physicals and I am sure there is a disease or two thats gone untreated. She doesn't shower unless she is told to. She gets to sleep in the master bedroom of their house and allways has. She has no skills that a girl should have by her age. She is only 15 and I am wondering what do you think anyone can do for her?

This is a true description with no egsageration(sp?)


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Mar 11, 2003
girlguru said:
She is only 15 and I am wondering what do you think anyone can do for her?

This is a true description with no egsageration(sp?)
Sounds like she needs serious help and some tough love. Enroll her in some type of program for troubled teens, like outward bound or some other outdoor therapeutic program. Here is a link that allows you to search for the programs that are available based on the gender and age of the teen.
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