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The Naked Truth: The Untold Story of Sex in Canada

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The Naked Truth: The Untold Story of Sex in Canada
(Greystone Books, 256 pages, $22.95) is a slim book, easy to read, with historical data, a few ardent insights about the future, and dozens of titillating facts about sex in Canada.

For some, it will have a worthwhile, if somewhat one-track, message: If you're Canadian, don't feel guilty about having sex; we all do it; celebrate your libido.

We know, for instance, that Canada has its share of prudes, but we are also aware that we live in a sexually liberated age. Canadians are engaging in sex earlier in life, taking more sex partners before marriage, living with partners outside marriage and demanding varied forms of sexual satisfaction from their lovers.

The craving for sexual gratification is a primordial drive. That "intolerable neural itch," as Auden called the libido, is probably quite similar in all mammals, from mouse to man.

Our attitudes about lust are shaped by thousands of years of history, as well as by our experiences. But the feeling of erotic desire wells up from primal parts of the human brain, uncontaminated by history, ethnicity, age, sex or geography.

The Naked Truth is sprinkled with comical lists, including one of Newfoundland euphemisms for masturbation ("throttle the wattle"), and instructions for such things as "releasing your inner cougar." ("Younger men are relaxed about orgasms. They want you to have one, but if you don't, it's okay. Older men think it's all your fault.")

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