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The color of money?


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May 14, 2002
Does anyone one know who started, or at least why we use, color to distinguish the difference in currency.
100$ = Brown
50$ = Red
20$ = Green
5$ = Blue
Were we trying at one time to fool LE? From what i know it seems to be a Canadian thing. Why not just call a hundred dollars just that. Whats the point in calling it a Brown? Who are we fooling? --- Kev
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Jun 24, 2002
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Shhhhhh Big Secret!

Is the reason that started way back when, was that it was unknown just how much LE was watching the boards and if they cared or did not care was uncertain.

We were therefore using a very complex colour code to keep LE confused. I do not think it did anything to fool LE but it sure confused the Americans! So to this day we still do it mostly just for fun. I think LE might have crack the code by now.


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May 11, 2002
wow! yer a fucking idiot!
Kev -

I was the poster that first used the color code on TBD Van.
TBD was hypersensitive about mentioning money in exchange for sex, especially specific dollar amounts. Mostly Americans posted on TBD and they used their own code. Terms like "service providers" came from TBD to avoid using the word "hooker".

YOu can still see posters on TBD use terms like "donations" or "gifts" for $$1/2 or $$$ ($250 or $300)

Operation flea collar proved LE doesn't give a fuck and they'll bust ya anyway.


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Jul 10, 2002
Way way back...


...I was reading your posts and many others on open Buletin Boards years and years before TDB... then google merged, then more secretive boards, and so on

Since the boards were public (I mean really public), few reviews were made, and few lurkers even posted at all. Any reference to money was met with paranoia and solved with the complex color code.

And a new gereration evolved. Slowly the posts and reviews were able to take on more and more pertinent info...

LOL... I remember the time they got so pissed off at the people begging for more reviews (no one would ever post themselves)... the bunch of them invented an imaginary review... this gal coulnd't be beat.... the absolute fury of insanity that resulted... she won't answer her phone... ' she was there again today!'... and on and on it went.... (how's my memory :p)

PS - I'd like to ask some of the current posters to add some reviews too, but we seem to be doing fine as it is... so i'mm stick to the topic... my favorite... money
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Apr 11, 2003
Is a pink the same as a red?