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The best way To get a Escort?


Sep 27, 2002
I have never done that before,just spend my time in strip bars.
I understand that one can pick up the phone and order up a girl to come to your crib for whatever you will pay for.
Are there places (agencies) where you can go there and pick out a girl to bring home. I don't mean hookers on the hi-track.
What kind of money am I lookin at?
Which are the better places to pick a girl out?
I can see that by ordering over the phone you never know what will show up at your door. Do you have to become a regular before they send the really good girls?
I understand this is not like ordering a pizza, hhmm maybe it is!


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Jun 16, 2003
I don't think there is any agency you can go and pick up the girl and then take her home.
Usually you go to the MP to pay for the room fee and then you can choose whatever girl you like. Sometimes the girls are coming in your massage room one after another and introduce themselves to you, all you need to do is remember which girl you like and then ask the hostess/host for that specific girl.
But some MP would let you choose the girls while the girls are all watching TV in a room or sitting in the living room. It depends on the PM. For some common Asian MP, you will be paying approx. 40-60 for 45 minutes to an hour. That is only for the room fee. When you pick the girl, you will have to negotiate with her, and it also depends on the services you are looking for. HJ, BJ, or FS. it usually starts at 60 to 150 max. However, there are some MP which charges a price all inclusive. You can check out some posts on "massage section" I believe PaceMaker had quoted some prices for the inclusive MP.

For Asian MP, you can try out Bex behind IGA on W. 10 ave. OR try some MP in Richmond such as Swan Lake, JJ, Temptation, etc..., again, you can check it out on the "Massage section"

Trying the phone on the agency is always a risk, often there are not good looking ones show up and if you don't like them you have to pay a big trunk for them to leave, plus it might not be a good idea to getting someone you don't know and have no reviews of coming to your house and knocking at your door. I had heard many bad experiences from many fellow pooners. It is not worth such risks.

If your pocket is very deep and don't mind to spend more, then try the MP such as Swedish Touch, Madame Cleos, Platinum, etc..., for these MP, you probably have to spend at $450 to 550 for the hour of pleasure. since the room fee for such MP are normally starting at 75 to 150 per hour.


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Jun 8, 2003
Ironhead - I think one of the best ways is to look through the websites and come search for the reviews on PERB. These ladies offer both incall and outcall.

When going through the reviews there is a search function on this website which will bring up the relative posts and there is a lot of information. When reading the reviews you should check the glossary of terms (it is the sticky at the top of this forum).

Most girls on the websites have pictures, going through their reviews helps you verify the information. Some websites to check out, in no order of preference, are: (you won't get pictures)

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