Thankyou Vancouver.


Professional Paramour
Take a born and raised Saskatoon girl,
add a number of Vancouver Gentlemen,
(and one from Alberta and one from even Saskatoon),
a very comforting and sensual suite,
good music and the right attitude all around
and you get Sydney's second working vacation to Vancouver.

Enough to rival the first.

So I didn't fuck VV this time around but we did do lunch. My schedule did not allow for a stop at Body Perv but I did get to wear some black shiny things and train a boy into obediance... ha, then I had my turn.

I walked and I walked and I walked
(in fact, from Lumiere back to my hotel, just for the fun of it at 3 in the morning... yes, across the bridge and no, not alone),

I was taken on an entertaining and very informative drive of the GVRD,

I shopped and I shopped and I shopped,

I sunned myself at Wreck Beach for a day (could not find the yearly photo post card that was taken in May... anyone?).

Nothing more I could want, but still so much to look forward to next time.

My apologies to those who tried to reach me by phone/email/perb while I was visiting, I just could not fit you in. I did not return your calls if I could not accomodate your request given my already busy schedule. Next time.

I am safe and sound back home, taking a few days to regain strength
while Saskatoon welcomes me back.

Until next time Vancouver (read: before the end of the year, next month if I have my way),

Sydney xo