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Thanks Jim


Jul 16, 2003
Yah I guess if I helped out someone then maybe the favor would be returned. Well here is what I have experienced.

I have seen many escorts in the back of the sun. They have all been great to me personally, however most of the posts here are MP's so I will stick to that.

Julie at prestige. Nice place, very clean and outta the way, especially after 5pm. Nice body, she recently got MORE enhanced. Great session but like other say kinda distant my first few times. Now shes one of my favs.

Annmarie at prestige. Very nice and after a few times seeing her she opened up and is really unrestrictive. See her once in a while.

Zoe at prestige. Yes I go to prestige alot. She is like others have said, very nice and easy on the eyes. Very accomidating(she has these thigh high boots-WOW). our skeds never click so haven't seen her in a while.

Gina at Fantasy. Great. Again very nice, is it just me or are they ALL nice? Hard body and she knows how to please you.

Hmmm I guess thats it. I have been to at least 10 different places in the past 3 years and as times change so do people. It seems I get to know a girl and then they quit. Maybe its me? Either way most places are clean, and have moderate to very attractive women.

PM me with any questions regarding escorts in Edmonton.
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