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thanks guys


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hey there guys,
I just had to write in and say thanks. I have been reading the posts for the last little while because I have been looking for a place where my company can take clients (no we're not looking for any more clients hahahaha), anyway, I ended up going to see Lauren, based on what I had read on the posts, to see how her service rated... (yeah it's a tough job but someone had to do it!!!). Our clients are from South America and love blondes. Anyway, what can I say.... WOW! As it was only my second experience in a mp, I don't have much to compare it to, but she was incredible. She was having a very busy day and I was like the fourth client she had in a row, but you would never have known it by the way I was treated. When she walked in, I was l mermerized by her good looks and bright smile. She was fun, flirty, was extremely articulate and made me feel really at ease and comfortable. She started my shower for me and put it at the perfect temperature, and had my towel waiting for me. She came in a few times to check the level of water in the hottub and when it was ready so was she. As she undressed, every part of me was standing at attention- - - what an incredible, natural bod!!! She is very intelligent so she was able to stimulate a great conversation with just the right amount of teasing and touching. She was open-minded and had impeccable timing in terms of knowing when to turn the heat up. When we got out of the tub........ well damn!!!!
The only problem that I now have is that I don't want to send my clients to see her, I want to see her myself!!!!!!! I can see how this can become a habit with girls like Lauren out there.
Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to all you guys for making this the type of place that inexperienced boys like myself can find out what I need. It really helped me from not having to waste my time and more importantly .... my money!
If you are looking for a girl that knows how to pamper you, is sophisticated, hot, sexy and someone that you could take anywhere and she'd be able to be comfortable..... go see Lauren!


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I remember you... very well, Zipity. What can I say, when the chemistry is there... it's there. Thanks for the awesome review!! I sincerely appreciate it and I really can't wait for the next time I can get you in again.



Dec 10, 2003
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Lauren is truly the best

Hey Zipity,

I agree with all your comments. I've seen Lauren a couple of times and WOW... The best ever experience by far...........

She is not the first SP I've seen, although I don't have too much experience in the hobby. I have to say however that I have never experienced a session like the ones with Lauren. This girl is AMAZING!!!. Words can not describe this girl, u just have to experience it for yourselves... This is the type of woman that makes you forget and loose yourself in the fantasy.....

When I get in my car after being with Lauren, all I can do is sit back, breath deeply and say 'damn.... that was great.'

I have to admit I didn't want to do a review beacuse I was being alittle sellfish but I know I can't keep this girl to myself (although if I could I would). So for anyone that wants to meet a truly beautiful/inteligent/sofisticated/beautiful/wonderful woman... go and see Lauren. Just make sure you don't overbook her and leave a session or two open for me....

I know one thing for sure though, I am hooked. As long as my wallet allows me too anyway...

Thanks Lauren for the great experience... Hope to see you again sometime soon. (Hope that tax return get here mighty quick...)



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Nov 12, 2002
All I want to know is what type of company sends their clients to a MP?

Does it help seal whatever deals your company has with these clients?
Do employees receive this privilege as well? If yes, does the company cover the full cost including the tip?

If the answer is "yes" to the last two questions, are there any job openings? :D


Mar 4, 2004
Sounds just like the Lauren I know. She is what is best in the biz IMHO, no wonder her calendar is so full!


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hahahahaha, you're classic. Our clients come from overseas (South America) where the massage parlours are a much more accepted practice. In fact, for corporate execs, it's common for them to go every friday after work. You walk in and it's essentially like a bar. You can sit down with your friends, have some drinks (all while you're sitting there in a bathrobe) and then you choose a girl and get a massage. It's very typical.
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