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Thank you LE, for trippling enforcement.


jus call me MR. President
Mar 25, 2003
This assumes LE is monitoring this board... just want to express my thank you to the VPD for trippling enforcement in the downtown eastside because:

1) it is obviously going to spread the drug trade to other communities... and the longer LE stays in the downtown eastside area, the more ways the drug trade will entrench in other parts of town. These drug dealers and their cohorts will find cheap rooming houses, places to rent, etc., in other neighbourhoods, and new bases will be created. Where there is a demand, a supply will be created. So once LE shrinks its numbers back down to the usual, voila - we suddenly have had a permanent spreading of the problem to other areas.
2) the bad pooners are going to love all the new druggies and fresh meat recruited into the SW trade from the spreading into other neighbourhoods. Got an underage daughter you love? Well my friends, now thanks to LE, she is at greater risk of bad influence and giving blowjobs to old men for easy money.
3) watch your local property taxes and other community taxes rise due to the damage local councillors are going to perceive to their neighbourhoods.
4) pity the poor homeowners trying to make a buck being landlords in this depressed economy. The ever increasing pressure to provide low cost rent is going to be attractive to the druggies and their cohorts. Unfortunatley, most landlords are going to go through hell once they've found out they're rented to these unsavoury individuals.
5) Increasing arrests is short sighted. After getting out of jail, and they will get out, we have more hardened criminals. Want to know why your druggies and prostitutes are getting more and more violent? If they spent any time inside, that is likely the reason. And for offences related to drugs and prostitution, you can be they wouldn't have had much rehab... so the chances they come out hardened and thus more violent increase.
6) Drugs and prostitution virtually go hand-in-hand when neither are operating in a legal setting, and the nature of drugs and prostitution is unwieldy and intractable. When forced to go underground, drugs will always be the motive for prostitution and the vicious cycle becomes entrenched. Is LE so stupid that they can't understand this?

The list can go on and on... you do not need much education or imagination or intelligence to see the consequences.

VPD has many faces. Yes, they sometimes do a heroic job enforcing laws against violence, etc. Other times they are just plain stupid or self serving. This last move to triple their force speaks only of the latter. I wonder if it is budget time coming up for the VPD? Could it have motivated their trippling enforcement so that they can justify asking for budget increases? What really incenses me is the hypocritical way they go on the airwaves patting their backs on what a great job they are doing when you can easily sense their other motives. And worse yet they make unsanctioned use of new public policy (ie: the 4 pillars approach) to excuse their actions. The 4 pillars approach was supposed to be done in coordination with the other pillars, so that a correct balance would be achieved in order to attain results. An imbalance of any one pillar takes away from the 4 pillars, making it the same monolithic approach they've used in the past.

With legislation on the horizon to legalize prostitution in Canada, you can count on the police's next move: targetting the sex trade very hard to get as many arrests as possible before it becomes legal. They've done it before in other areas, they'll do it again.

I would love to see LE apply the ethics they tout themselves having. If they have none, they should at least have the courage to stop the grandstanding. Very few people who take an active role in the community, from politicans, lawyers, doctors, etc., are fooled by the stupidity of the latest action... and the VPD knows it. I wonder who it is they are trying to fool then?

I may be expressing some great contempt here for the VPD, but only because I feel intelligent criticism of its policies would further the safety of the community. Hey LE, I don't hate you. I just wish you would grab a brain and do your job right because we need you.


Feb 25, 2003
The VPD are a bunch of power trippy little pricks!! espicially the women cops!

I'll take the RCMP any day.


intumescent member
Oct 2, 2002
south of my belt buckle
Dear George, what a bunch of bull cookies. First off, without increased police presence the drug problem will continue to increase in the core downtown area. With it will come even more increasees in property crimes. Also, we will see even more illegal immigrants from Honduras and Ecuador out on our streets getting even more kids hooked on drugs.

Never mind the dangers of getting your neighbor's or your own kids hooked on drugs if the problem were to be displaced to other areas of the city, the exact same has been happening in Vancouver's downtown core for the past ten years due to total police and civic neglect.

At least with the increased vigilance from the police, despite the incredible naivete and stupidity of Mayor Campbell, the illegal immigrants that are at the root of the problem will be off the streets.

If and when the pushers move to other parts of the city, their presence will be easy to detect and local community residents will be reporting them to the police. Preferrably these local residents should simply band together into baseball teams and put the other meaning of "vigilance" in action!

I suppose you support the comments of Anne Livingston, spokeswoman for the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, who said it was stupid for the police to crack down on drug pushers because when the safe injection sites are up and running, the addicts will need to get their drugs from somewhere! Has there ever been a more stupid woman?

And now we have our illustrious mayor saying the the safe injection sites might have powerful ventilation systems so that they can accomodate crack smokers. Have you all lost your minds?

It makes me wonder what the ulterior motive of the poverty idustry really is in this city. Are you all members of the old communist system, out to over throw democratic countries and cities by infiltrating the power structure and causing chaos? Is ther a money trail that leads back from the pushers to local politicians' election campaigns. Does the same money trail lead back to the poverty industry workers who get these idiots elected in the first place?

All in all, taking anything but an absolutely hard line towards the drug problem is short sighted and naive. I applaud Cheif Jamie Graham for doing what needed to be done long ago, and for having the guts to stand up to our wacko mayor and his socialist council. Thumbs down to Larry Campbell for not giving the police the extra funds they needed to continue the work of ridding our city of the drug plague which has destroyed the lives of young kids from all parts of the lower mainland from its nucleus in the core area.


Lord Lickworthy
Jul 11, 2002
VPD Review

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