Freya Darling



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Apr 30, 2005
I had an awesome time with Celeste (sometimes known as Tess) last night. She arrived at my place wearing a figure hugging top, short skirt and long black boots which she quickly kicked off before sharing the sofa with me over a glass of wine. I was very nervous but Celeste quickly put me at ease and was very friendly, kind and well versed in the art of chatting up a man. After about 45 minutes we went to the bedroom which she prepared by turning off all the lighting and creating atmosphere with lit candles and some fantastic opera music which she had brought with her on cd. It quickly became clear that this girl is something else. I stripped and she stripped. What a fantastic body she has with the most gorgeous pair of boobs I have ever seen. She started on my back and gave me an outstanding massage, sitting on me, at one stage, before allowing her nipples to caress my body. I really like this body to body stuff and I'll be looking for more of the same next time I'm with her. She soon found those sensitive spots and was in no hurry to move away from them. In fact one of the pleasing aspects of Celeste's work is that she doesn't clock watch. After about half an hour working on my back she turned me over and started on my front. Again there was no hurry. She then gave me a fantastic blow job, followed by the most awesome sex I have ever experience, with her initially on top (great tits again), then doggy, where she really took a good grip of me, and finally with me on top leading to the most explosive finish. In summary, she is a sexy, sensuous, sensational girl, well educated with great hands and a real pleasure to be with. She was just fantastic, gave her time generously (all in all she was with me for over two hours and never hurried me or anything and she is so patient). What a girl - I'm going to look for a regular slot with her cos she's the best.