Honey Harlotte

Tea-Time - Not everyone's cup, but good to the last drop!


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Sep 3, 2003
For those of you that have had the pleasure of enjoying the company of our Blue Haired Beauty, one can be pretty confident should she wish to share her opinion on what we may also find pleasurable. It was just a recent session that I took her advice (although I still tried to get a session with her, to no avail) and tested 'other waters'.

I had read an earlier post in which another hobbyist had voiced displeasure in his visit with Haley, but as I'm my own person figured I'd make my own assessment. After all, dear Lilith had provided such direction, and more correct she could not have been.

Haley is quite attractive and deceptively tall (from her photos not at all what I had expected) which sends all kinds of fun & nasty possibilities through ones mind. Disappoint she did not! Haley is not for the weak of heart nor or the meek. A few moments into the session any dellusions of a GFE are quickly shot out the window and replaced with that of a full blown ADULTS ONLY amusement park. This is one ride fellas you need to buckle up for!!!! Two tickets please and you must meet the hieght requirement so ya don't get hurt! WOW!

What starts out as slow & calming pace much like that of a woodwind section of the orchestra, soon turns into the high energy precussion and brass that makes ones heart pound and sends chills down your spine. Its a pace unlike most others, just when you think the action is about to turn to more moderate another blast is unleashed. Tiresome & weary somehow it forces you to push forth, finding energy and reserve strength you had not known you had within. The finish, or climax if you will, takes you to yet another level, leaving one breathless, shaking and knowing that you've just left your best effort on the field. At the conclusion, we both lay there seeing the little black dots in our eyes, light headed yet completely satisfied.

Even with the presence of the 5-0 outside the front door as I exited I could not help but feel a little smirk come across my face knowing what I had just experienced.

Take head, the experience will not be for all, those that seek a PSE where she enjoys herself as much as you do, I encourage you to seek her out. Be courteous, sincere & respectfull she is after all a lady. Those that seek a GFE will probably not find what they desire in Haley's sessions, but I may be wrong. Know what type of experience you seek before you chose to go and I can assure you won't be disappointed.

As for a GFE, well my fantasy G/F much resembles a cross between the class of the late Lady Di with the talents of Julie Ashton. For me she resides at a little spa called supreme and looks great in Blue hair!


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Aug 9, 2003
Windchill, she is likley 5'11''...

and like CJ69 has so aptly put it, a fireball of passion. I have already done more than one review on this talented and very fun Gal, so nuff said.
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