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Oct 9, 2002
Below, folks, an old-time review. Hope y’all enjoy. Hipster ordered me to send in more reviews last time I saw him.

Being the old Calgary oil-baron pervert that I am, I have always enjoyed visiting Victoria and abusing your very YOUNG lady-folk. By a landslide, my favorite has been Classy’s Brooke/Eden/Eve (kept on changing her name, thought I had Alsheimer’s. First reviewed here by me, incidentally). This girl was there as a total GFE ONLY FOR YOU!, and she delivered with an incredible smile on her face! Almost felt like I was a teenager in heat again. Unique, as others have said. But she quit the business and went back to her boyfriend and kid. Good for her!

Second was Desiree, also at Classy’s: this girl again would make you feel like a teenager (I’m 50!), but retained a teenage street-slut attitude about her. Absolutely great young GFE, and opening the wallet could make anything happen. She used to complain it stung in her eyes! Teen girls are always complaining!

Last month, I ventured to try Seductions for the first time asking for a "kissy-cuddly" type on short notice (I had a BIG woodie in need of relief!). Vikki suggested Tawnya, who had started only two days before. The name alone worried me that it might be a rip-off, since I had "done" the infamous Tawny 3 times (and lived to tell, GOD was that girl good with her mouth!). Tawnya was reported to be new, 31, brunette and open-minded (right, like I would ask for a nun!). Tawny and Tawnya (compare Viki and Vikki), and I was worried.

I no longer like to report on very new girls, as they tend to get jaded in a real hurry and the review backfires on me. But, I have now visited Tawya again for the second time, one month later, and report my new favorite. AND, I beat that nerd Doofus to her!

Tawnya is not 31, I would place her mid-late 30’s. She is blond, actually, today’s new pics confirm this. Very small and slim. My first impression was that she might have been a biker-chik, and I was worried. BUT, this turned out both times to be the ultimate GFE I have ever had. Of course, YMMV, but we did hit it off (she said it was because I had a big dick, unlike Doofus!). She excells in DFK/DATY (and at least for me other very very personal favors). And she is always touching and caressing you during and in between. This girl has the greatest expression on her face when she cums: it’s like "I can’t belive I’m getting paid to do this"! YOU are the center of the universe for her.

So, Tawnya is not the teen-fantasy I and others sometimes seek. But, I can hardly recall having so much fun and feeling so comfortable while emptying my balls. Numerically: 6, 10, 9.5

Hip: correct me if I’m wrong.

Hipster Doofus

Grand Exalted Poohbah
May 11, 2002
wow! yer a fucking idiot!

What the fawk? You waved a wad of $20's in front of a young and impressionable teenager just so you can demean her by spurting your manjuice on her face?

-HIGH FIVE ME BUDDY!- its sick bastards like YOU that make sick bastards like ME look less perverted. You can mow my lawn anytime. bwhahaha!

So ya did Tawnya eh? and ya held off on the review so you could see her again before I did eh? Where's the spirit of pooning in that? Well thanks anyway ( I would have never done Eve if I hadnt read your review and she was definitely high mileage)

( AlbertaBill proves he's a schmoe , he forgot the URL:))

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