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May 11, 2002
Vancouver Island
Last week I had an hour to kill as there was an accident on the Malahat delaying my trip up island. So I called up IB to see who was available at short notice. I chose IB because they have an excellent shower/washroom I could use as I had been sitting around in non-air-conditioned rooms all day. The phone girl offered up Taryn who was completely unknown to me. I couldn’t recall any reviews except that she may have worked at E &R. So what the hell? I decided to TOFTT.

Taryn greeted me at the door on arrival and the first thought that came to my mind was ”Hot Damn!” She is a good-looking girl. To describe her body is a little difficult, she has the buxom silhouette of a fifties movie star, but beneath that luxurious softness is a hard-body. She has really nice skin with no indication of the dreaded cellulite and a perfect ass. She claimed her breasts were quite sensitive so I didn’t play with them as much as I would have liked, cuz they looked delicious. Overall, Taryn looks very fuckable.

She led/bounced us to a room upstairs and took care of the standard fee for an hour. I took a shower and when I returned to the room she was waiting on the bed naked as the day she was born. We started with a massage and some lively conversation and things were looking up.

We moved to some DATY action, which I don’t think she was really into. She made all the right noises but moved around so much it was difficult to get into any kind of rhythm. I gave up on that and she returned the favor. On to cowgirl and then missionary. She wanted to go doggie style but I wanted to see that pretty face looking up at me. We agreed on missionary and promised doggie for the next go around. So I went all the way as I was expecting a second go-around. After we lay back as I gathered my second wind and discussed moving, hobbies and things to do on the west coast, etc. When I suggested that we go for another lap, she begged off, claiming a sore back. (Oh well, saved me the tip.) We ended up frittering away the rest of the hour talking until the knock on the door.

All in all, not a bad experience but I was left a little disappointed in the renege of the second shot-on-goal. She is not the most skilled girl I have been with but when she was going at, she was suitably energetic and made all the right noises, even if I knew they were for my benefit. The eye candy is great, as she is a gorgeous looker especially when reclining naked on a big bed. I also enjoy DATY and prefer my partners to be into it as well. I would not repeat with Taryn, but as always, YMMV.