SweetSara - 6912


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Jun 25, 2013
I had so much luck with french speaking girls in the past that I ignored my intuition and booked her when I came across her ad. Met her at where she was staying downtown and I can say she is the girl in the picture. Do note that push up bras are pretty technologically advanced and if you're looking for a decent handful of breast, you're not going to find it here. Her butt was nice though.

The service barely worth talking about. Only thing I can say is that she's seemed more interested in what was on the TV in the background than what was going on. She kept asking me to cum and I just gave up and got it over with. There was still about 1/2 an out left and she just started to get dressed.

Trying to stay around was pointless as any conversation we had was pretty dry. I just chalked this up as a loss, showered and got out of there.

I'd advise to avoid.