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May 19, 2002
Jeessus christ ! Someone gotta try and get this board back on topic !

VanIslandGuy was out cruising on Sat night .... pretty dead overall. A couple nice girls showed up on Rock Bay, so I went around the block and they were already gone ! Geez I'm outta practice!

Just about ready to give up ... when this girl stops in front of my car at a light, stares at me, and then calls my name ...I sorta recognize her so let her jump in...... suddenly I feel like I'm in a Seinfield episode ... she remembers me, my name etc .... and I have no clue. But what the heck ... maybe I'll have a revelation.

Back to her place, discard of the clothes ....... bamn ! Suddenly I remember her ..... the revelation ? Its something to do with the way she chokes herself .. bwhahaha !

Anyone ever seen a "Slap-Happy" video ? Well VanIslandGuy woulda been a star last night !

BBBJTC - 2 greens, cute sw deepthroating your manhood .. priceless.


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Sep 6, 2002
Are the ladies no longer on Government St? I was in Victoria about 2 weeks ago and it was just dead, no matter what time of the night I went.

I'll have to find Bay St. on a map the next time I'm in town.