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SW Forum? Thoughts?

The Happy Tapper

Jul 28, 2002
What does everyone think about having a separate forum for street walkers (SW's)?

It's definitely a different world out there when you compare SP's and SW's. I've partaked in their services from time to time and I notice there are some posts about SW's sprinkled throughout all of the forums on PERB. It would be nice to have all those posts in one forum, to compare notes/stories/experiences etc.

There's only one website I've ever found that caters directly to SW's, and that is the World Sex Guide ( While the information there is very useful, the forum layout is outdated and poorly organized (IMO). A forum like that seems like it would work much better if it was organized into a tree structure (like PERB's design), as part of a bigger forum on the west coast sex trade.

Plus I would think that adding even more information to PERB would make it that much more useful as a one-stop-info-shop for Vancouver pooners, and more would end up visiting the site.

Anyone have any thoughts?
Fred Zed - is there anything like this on TERB?
Vancouver Escorts