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Jan 22, 2018
Recently had the pleasure of spending 45 minutes each with Siren ( ) and a different SVIP provider who no longer is with the agency.

The booking process each time was mostly painless. I emailed using contact info from the web, and was able to make a booking with Siren WELL in advance (as I was travelling from out of town), I was asked to confirm prior to the appointment (same day). With Siren, my booking was cancelled a few hours prior as a result of services requested being unavailable that day. Other options were provided and communication was appreciated. Ultimately I cancelled the appointment and booked at a later time with a different provider who was awesome but has since left the agency. Having missed my chance with Siren, I also rebooked with her several days later. This process was identical to the booking process with the alternate provider, zero hiccups.

SVIP is located on a busy street, but has a discreet entrance. I was met at the door each time I visited by the provider within moments. With Siren, she opened as I was about to ring the bell, a nice touch helping to make the experience at the door quick and private. Facilities inside were of excellent quality. The rooms were warm, decorated in an inviting way and the beds comfortable. Shower is shared (not dedicated per room), but was clean and spacious - and I enjoyed having my provider with me to clean off in both cases. The entire experience felt private, as my provider in each case ensured privacy by inspecting hallways etc. in between the room and shower and while walking to the exit.

I exited through the rear entrance on my first visit, but found the back alley intimidating at night as someone from out of town. An individual wearing camo and smoking was in the alley as I walked by (and hadn't noticed at first) that made me uncomfortable. Parking around the facility is challenging during busy times of the day, but there are parkades close by (that is my recommendation to anyone from out of town looking).

When Siren greeted me at the door, I was immediately happy I had rebooked and not missed out. Photos and description were accurate. Siren is a stunner, and used her assets to the best of her abilities. I specifically was hoping for someone with a fantastic enhanced top shelf, and was not disapointed. Siren knows her strengths and plays to them. She's also a wonderful conversationalist, and has a lot to contribute intelectually for those looking for more than the physical aspect. I was happy to spend time with someone who stimulated me with conversation in addition to having a perfectly sculpted body (of which she does).

When back in town, I won't hesitate to check out the SVIP website and see who's working.


MOD EDIT: Information about a second provider removed at SVIPs request, positive review, but she is no longer associated with SVIPs.
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