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SVIP get Lucky again!


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Nov 11, 2020
After spending a fabulous 90min PSE with Lucky last month, I decided I just had to see her again. This time I decided to get a little help from modern science.

Pause ... Gentlemen as per my previous post. Life has a way of catching up on you as you age, don’t be embarrassed just go with the flow. There is help for those times when you want it... you’ll thank me and the ladies will thank you too !!!

I reserved time at the Condo... nice and private for a 90min PSE, I asked Harvi for extra time and she suggested a 30min GFE to wind down and just enjoy the moment. What a great idea... More on that later!

I was greeted with a warm embrace and welcoming smile by Lucky who acknowledged her gratitude at my return visit. We kissed, chatted and laughed as we got reacquainted before making our way to the bedroom (with Lucky slung over my shoulder.) now the science had worked wonders and with this gorgeous 20yr old dressed in black suspenders and stockings on the bed beside me, I was just about bursting through my denim jeans and Lucky couldn’t get them off quick enough. We opted to have the 30min GFE first which turned out to be an awesome decision....With the main mast at full attention Lucky was chaffing at the bit to wrap her lips around it but rules being rules she did everything in her power to slow down the assault but it was pointless so she quickly had me covered up and was soon on top grinding away. It’s at this point I realized the perfect placement of the mirror on the wall and what a view! After multiple positions and 30mins had passed, shots were fired by both sides... but it didn’t stop there... I’m talking no recovery time needed... nada, zip, zero.. Rock hard still and ready for more action....Off came the cover and Lucky waisted no time getting to work doing what lucky does oh so well as we kicked off the 90min PSE with some DT... To say that Lucky enjoys sucking cock is an understatement... for the best part of an hour she indulged. Throughout that time we laughed and talked about life while I just laid back and took in the heavenly sight of Lucky using every technique you can imagine and some. With the clock ticking and the intensity building it was time to fire the canon once again. Lucky never missed a beat, licked her lips and planted a big kiss on mine before grabbing a warm towel to clean up!
A brief interlude and some deep conversation and Lucky decided she needed something in her mouth once again... the wonders of modern science had me tickling her tonsils again in no time. A valiant effort unfolded, we changed positions multiple times. Lips, tongue, hands, every part of the human anatomy...on went the cover again, we used up every portion of the bed, spent all our energy by the time the buzzer sounded. With mast still standing tall, it was a great ending to a fantastic 2 hrs with Lucky!

So much for a wind down and a quite moment Harvi!!! No point keeping the gate shut when bull wants to buck!!!
Oh for modern science...brings me back to my younger years!

Well done Sweet VIP and thank you once again my Sweet Painted Lady for an unforgettable experience!!
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