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May 18, 2003
Haven't posted in a while and thought I would give the track trollers some info. I live in the Whalley area (yeah I know, but it's cheap and I'm saving money to buy) and try to take a few minutes each nite to cruz down 135st. I'm not into sws but occasionally I see a nice one which I think "maybe". Needless to say with the nice weather, alot of new ones are out. Best time is between 6 and 9pm and you can usually find a half doz or so. Now most are obvious crackhoes but recently, there have been a 3 or 4 very nice looking ones. They go fast and I can never make it around the block in time to even talk to one!

So good luck and happy hunting :)

Jan 10, 2003
got lucky

was cruising by the area you mentioned got lucky . I saw a girl very good looking wasnt quite sure if she was working or not pulled over took a chance. and Wow. She is about 20 years old slim about 5' 4" maybe 110 lbs . Went to a park near by got a bj for $40 she was very accomodating did everything I asked her to do I just felt like I was back in high school while she was doing her things just playing with her pony tail. I got her phone number. I dont usually see sw's made an exception here just looked to good to pass up , personally I dislike junkies , rare to find someone like her as sw . Oh yes I will be repeating everyday for awhile at this price.....
I am out....


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May 13, 2002
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Hey Sarge!

How about a name a desciption and the contact number.

Nice that you shared the info but some may want to know more than that you got lucky.
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