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Super 5 Star GFE Fady from Montreal in Edmonton


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Sep 13, 2005
Hi Gentlemen

5 Star GFE Fady from Montreal is back once again in Edmonton (downtown).she will be available for appointments Sept. 25th to 27th from 9:00am to 12:00am

Fady is a sultry GFE from Montréal that will never cease to surprise you... She is playful, inhibited and blessed with a luscious inviting body. Soft lips meant to be kissed, soft skin meant to be caressed and unforgettable personality meant to be enjoyed at all times of day and night. Trust me you won’t be disappointed she will make you spend the best moment of you life she really know’s how to please a man.

To book an appointment and see pictures and details of Fady please click on the link Below:

Thank you and enjoy!



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Jun 3, 2003
Ooooh!!! I can't wait! Fady/Sadie has ALWAYS been my favorite....She is so down to earth with awesome services...Yeah I know - "Shill" whatever...I have seen MPS and SPS and she is one of my favs...I guess I just click with her...Try her out guys I know you won't be disappointed..


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Mar 6, 2006
The last time Fady/Sadie was through town, I hooked up with her for a morning (9am) appointment...unfortunately, the agency didn't tell her that I had an appointment with her until 8:30 that morning. So, she was really tired & didn't really seem too into the session (it was still a good session though). I think I'll give her another shot this time around - and hopefully, things will be smoother.

Mick Shagher

Nov 20, 2005
On Top Of Her
BabyBelle said:
how do you pronounce Fady?
Her name is supposed to be Sady (as in Sadie) but CB doesn't seem to want to change it.

I saw her the first time she was in Edmonton and it didn't go very well. She was suffering from some kind of bug and was getting chills all the time I was there. She spent a good deal of the hour covering herself with blankets. Needless to say there wan't much fun time. I just wish she had told me at the beginning of the session and I would have rebooked. She did say she would make it up next time I saw her, but I'm not willing to see her again. Besides, I doubt weather she would remember.
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