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Sunni @ Wildrose


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Jul 16, 2003
Home away from Home
Decided to make another trip to Wildrose. I like this place as its private and tucked away, plus theres an Arbys nearby.
Been with most girls there, Tara, [8] Vikki [8] Lee [9] Fiona [7] and Paris [5]., so this time i decided to stay with Sunni.

The session start well, she turned on the shower, handed me a towel and left.
On her return we discussed what i would like in the session. Of cousre F\S. She proceeded to undress, and i noticed that she was a little larger than her photos suggested. Still kind of nice though.
Once the massage began, she started to open up and got quite chatty, nice girl with a sense of humour. 5 minutes into the session she asked if i would like a reverse, with that we changed places.
On exploring her body, nice breasts, she enjoy a light noibble on them. Continued on to the honey pot, which she enjoyed.
Then it was down to the main event. Was great lots of eye contact, which i like, also two or three different positons. She seemed to enjoy ther seesion, not sure if she had the bif 'O' or not.

Over all a fair session, and would repeat in the future.

Looks 8
Service 8
Atitude 9
Extras 7


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Jan 30, 2004
Lower Mainland
Based on who was working tonight and the reviews I've read I decided to see Sunni tonight.

Overall a very pleasant experience, one I am quite sure I will repeat. Nice little body, decent massage and a great attitude.

I'll go

Looks 8
Service 8
Attitiude 9
Extras 6
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