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Sun Article about DTES

there's a downer... "I am my own gramma" knee-slapping drawling country song.

anyway... Fontaine is definitely a poster child for a zone of tolerance, if not an out-and-out red light district.
I think that the whole of society can be compared easily... 90% of all of us (everyone in the world) come from dysfunctional families of one sort or another. Its not surprising... its not that long ago that teachers could beat kids with belts, knuckles were wrapped for talking out loud, the left hand was tied behind the back to make kids "conform" to right-handedness. So our backgrounds are often SNAFUed. Is there anyone out there that had a normal childhood? (what is normal??). And so... the upscale escort likely as not is someone who took the world by the tail (ahem) and refused to fall "victim" to the stigmatized status of her weaker sisters. Standing up and being counted is not something everyone does... and probably a good thing when you consider how many "other types" of service industries there are and are needed to make this world tick. Back to the old "there are bosses and there are workers" cliche. Education? Sure... there are educated escorts... sometimes by college degrees and most often, I think, by life in general. If you go through life with your eyes closed (yeah yeah - I know - I close my eyes when I'm on my back too)... then you learn nothing. I am totally pro-choice (regardless of the issue) and believe that we are all responsible for our lots in life. You can't change the past; you can only change the future.

ow - philosophy 101?
put that tongue back in your mouth!!
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