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Strip Club Dancers free fall on genitals

Strip Club Dancers free fall on genitals

Of course this would never happen in Canada?

Poor, poor Justin Scheidt. The Indiana man claims that he was seriously hurt last June during his bachelor party at a Fort Wayne strip club. Justin claims that he was injured after being brought up on stage at Showgirl III by some of the talent.

While two dancers held him down at the base of the strip pole, a third woman cannonballed down it from about six feet. The stripper's "free fall" ended when she crashed "squarely on his genitals causing him excruciating pain," according to a complaint Scheidt filed in Superior Court.

Scheidt claims that he told the trio to stop, "but they refused to do so and in succession each of the female entertainers took turns ascending the pole and then landing on his genitals in a free fall while the other female entertainers held him down."

Scheidt--who was hitched hours after his bachelor party--contends that he could not consummate his marriage on his honeymoon because of "serious and permanent injuries" suffered at the strip joint.