Honey Harlotte

Street Scene


Sep 23, 2003
Can someone tell me what streets are ideal for good looking street walkers? I was walking by the Astoria on Hastings St trying to get to the Drake and saw some nasty ones outside, although one girl named Tracy was quite upfront and fairly good looking! I didnt take her offer for a quick BJ, as I dont know the area to well!

Im really intersted in the whole scene and what places are ideal....is New Westminster any good for pickups??


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Aug 16, 2003
I did a search for tourist and this is one of the threads that came up.



May 20, 2002
SW - Sunday Report

Went out cruising last night (Sunday 28th) for the first time in a long time. Arrived at the Kingsway midtrack shortly after 10 pm to find it devoid of SWs. So I cruised down to the mid track by Victoria and Franklin. Vancouver's Finest were out in force on Victoria. Still quite a bit of traffic considering. Just a posse of addicts out (No thanks if I wanted to play the lotto I would by a 6/49 ticket). Cruised down to the hi-track to see some hotties. 2 very nice blondes on Seymour. Again LE in force this time in a ghost car. Some asian guy got pinched after trying to pick up one of the blondes in a taxi. I picked up one of the girls to see what my mileage could be but she wouldn't discuss other than to say 1 brown for minimum, 4 greens for a room and 4 browns for whole meal deal. I dropped her back off as we both had conflicting views on reality. Drove back to the mid track by Franklin and found a buxum girl reminiscint of Anna Nicole Smith. She had big boobies and the price was right. 2 greens for cbj and 2 greens and a purple for FS. I talked her into 1/2 & 1/2 for 1/2 a brown. The cbj was good and then she let me do an extensive digit session. She left quite a wet spot on my seat.
On my way home I decided to spin by the Kingsway track and see if there was anything happening. Spotted a cute blonde by London Drugs and decided to investigate. She was hot! Her prices were hi-track prices though. Decided I could part with 5 greens for cbj. Well she had really sexy perfume on I could hardly resist. Her name is Stacey and no she is not the same as the Stacey who used to stand at the Starbucks across the street in thigh high F me boots. She proceeded to give an excellent cbj session. Now a decade ago back in my teens a 20min intermission would have more than sufficient (those were the days) but not anymore. Stacey really had to work overtime for this one. Surprisingly no complaints just a real hard worker. Even after I finished she kept going for another 2 mins causing trembling throughout my body. It was one the best in memory. Well that is it for the Sunday report.