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STDs - are you victim and/or perpretator?


Sep 20, 2002
Both, I say.

The virus must have started somewhere. To just insinuate an SP as being the perpretator and you being the "victim" is irresponsible. Facts must be presented and we know even then it is difficult to say when the virus is "hibernating" for 3 months or so. Remember, she is also a "victim".

Regardless, we all have choices and when we make a decision to partake in "risky" activities we should also accept the responsibilties.

Reminds me when Magic Johnson was diagnosed with hiv several years ago. The media portarayed him as a "victim". Gimme a break! The guy was known to have slept with hundreds of women and doing what I don't know.

It's time to take responsibility and stop spreading the virus.

The buck stops here.
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CJ Tylers

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Jan 4, 2003
North Vancouver
Yup...and think about how manyy women he infected with one thoing or another over his career! Accomodate indeed!


Jan 4, 2003
I think that if you are having sex of any type in this day and age and you are not wearing a rubber, you are a fucking idiot! Save from those few happy couples that are traditionally devoted and loyal, everyone needs to protect themselves!

I get furious when I hear about girls who choose to accept money for the condom to be left out of the equation, thats dirty! I get even more hostile when I hear about some john claiming that his squeaky clean track record should allow him unprotected entry-RIGHT. I have even heard the words "bullet proof" with reference to a johns "cleanliness" or free from immediate disease status! Bullet proof? Fuck where I come from that means strong swimmers! Give your head a shake!!! It is people like that who take this industry through the gutter and into the ghetto.

"Shame on the boys who said it would never happen to them, and shame on the girls who believed them!"
Dice Flint
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