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State Your Blonde Moments Here


Feb 25, 2003
I'm sure we've all had em so spill the beans.

Add today to my blonde moments.

Soz I pullz out the lawnmower to fire it up for the 1st mowing, but first gotta clean it up a bit, put some new oil and fresh gas in. No problem. Bought a new blade and I put that on. Fire it up and mow tha back yard.

Once finished I survey my work and say "done like dinner" Being to lazy to rake 1st I just mow over what ever is on the grass, twigs and tree branches, couple toys that got thrown in from the neighbours yard, dog shit, etc.....

I'm thinking I'll take a boo at the new blade since it musta taken some abuse from all that stuff I mulched up. I'm like WTF the cutting edge of the blade looks brand new, not even a nik; but the other edge is all niked to hell. A few more minutes of deductive reasoning concludes me to believe that yes, I put the god damn blade on backwards!!.

After I realised I pulled a Homer, I switch it around, and 2 things I gotta tellz ya. The mower cut just as good IMHO with the blade being on backward, and in a f-ed up way the blade is still brand new since it was cutting on the wrong edge. :D


Tempura too ;)
May 12, 2002
Vancouver - sort of
Well done. At least you did not try to use the lawnmower as a hedge trimmer and cut yourself to pieces in the process.

Some numb nut south of 49er did just that and then successfully sued the mower manufacturer because the printed instructions did not explicitly state that the mower should only be used to mow lawns. :confused: :confused:
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