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Stag parties gone wild?


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Mar 3, 2004
Guys just wanted to hear some wild stag stories, the old ball and chain season is coming up and always looking for ideas to make some poor ass's :eek: last night of freedom the best memmory of single life he has.


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Jun 24, 2004
Lower Mainland
Kurrupt said:
We aranged for these two SP's to pretend to be telephone company employee's, then we sent both of them in to the groom to be house to fix his telephone lines, they were then to start making out with each other and get him involved. They then got him naked and managed to tied him up and pretend to start robbing him.

We all waited until we got the call from the girls that he was all tied up and ready to go. The SP's then started unplugging the TV and stereo and all the goodies in his house, just then we all walked in with a keg and what not. We found him on the floor tied up, almost in tears becuase he thought his future wife would find him naked on the floor and robbed.

We got some awesome polaroids when we walked in and we had a blast the rest of the night.

To this day he still wants those pictures we took to burn them....

Hopefully when I take the plunge he decides to get me back, as I was the master mind behind the plan... I love being evil.

That is Hilarious.......but I'm so glad I don't know you....LOL j/k


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May 23, 2004
BDAClub said:
That is Hilarious.......but I'm so glad I don't know you....LOL j/k

I second that.