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stag/bachelor party recommendations?


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Dec 3, 2002
victoria bc
hello all... looking for a recommendation for a great girl to come dance and tantalize at a stag/bachelor party for an hour. no gratification of anyone required, just dancing and showing our soon-to-be-wedded friend a fun time.

got any recommendations? a lot of the prices we've been quoted have been sky high, but i wanted to check here before i called mont's or the fox to get one of their girls.

thanks for your help! please post back here or email me.


May 31, 2003
Victoria, baby
I would recommend (out of the girls I know that do them, so don't be offended if I don't mention someone) Elizabeth of IB, Veronica of SU, and Melody of VE. Elizabeth is a toned brunette, petite. Veronica looks like one of those 50's pinup girls, black hair. And Melody is the girl next door, only something sexier about her than that that I can't articulate....
Good luck and have fun!!

Hipster Doofus

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May 11, 2002
wow! yer a fucking idiot!
Every agency or indie will charge you more to dance then to fuck.

I'm not sure why....

I think its because you have to have some talent to dance. bwhaha!

All the above are good choices though....Also check out Vanessa.

You can also hire a peeler at Monty's or the Fox and for a measly $100 she'll give you 3 songs on the floor.


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Jun 23, 2002
Midwest, U.S.A.
Hipster Doofus said:

You can also hire a peeler at Monty's or the Fox and for a measly $100 she'll give you 3 songs on the floor.
Yes, if you like air dances! I don't think that the Fox even offers air dances----I know Monty's does. ---Moe


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Hey Obvious
At Island Beauties we do have De'ja, Emily, Erika Waters also. All very hot ladies that will leave the bachelor with many memorable moments of his party. Feel free to give us a call if you need any assistance.

P.S. Agencies I believe charge more for Stage simply because there is more than just she and the gentlemen. Meaning we need to look after everyone's safety.